Works of Sri Dilip Kumar Bose

FOTO UNIT presents a glimpse of exquisite works of Shri Dilip Bose. Due to severe financial stringency, he failed to manage his works properly and his sudden illness and untimely demise added more salt to it. After his demise, the entire collection of works kept in a very sloppy manner inducing heavy damage to innumerable award winning prints and slides. It is ‘Dwimatrik’ who rescued the works from oblivion. FOTO UNIT express gratitude to ‘Dwimatrik’ of Ichhapur, West Bengal - a photography club founded by some of the inspired students of Shri Dilip Bose - for their relentless effort in restoration and digitization of all the available and restorable prints. In this regard, FOTO UNIT is also grateful to Shri Tapas Shil and Shri Avijit Roy, two very prominent photographers of Kolkata, who have done tremendous job in restoring the badly damaged images. Hope the images will scintillate the future pictorialists.


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