Heliography e-magazine

During lockdown we talked about photography, discussed and planned to do something. The idea of Heliography quarterly e-magazine cropped up and soon a team started working on it. Finally the magazine was published in January 2022. Since then we have published three issues. Click on the covers to download it. We hope you would like it.

If you are interested in submitting your article please send it to us at fotounit@gmail.com. If you send photographs, you must be the owner of them. The photographs should not be more than 1MB size and must be in JPEG format. Our editorial team will get in touch with you if your article is selected. Please contact us if you need any further information.

Heliography Poster_02Heliography Magazine 2022- 1st Issue
Heliography Poster_02Heliography Magazine 2022- 2nd Issue
Heliography Poster_03Heliography Magazine 2022- 3rd Issue
                                                                        Heliography Magazine 2023 – 4th Issue
                                                                        Heliography Magazine 2023- 5th Issue
Heliography Magazine 2023- 6th Issue
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